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The Myrical Group Wealth Series


The Easiest Way to MINE BITCOINS 

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Digital currencies are poised to radically transform our financial system but we needed to find a way that would bring it in line with mainstream financial mechanisms.

These cryptocurrencies also carry the buy/sell margins as with any traditional currency, however, they transact virtually instantaneously and are free of the exorbitant fees levied by financial institutions. 

Not only did we establish a way to transact seamlessly in any currency, we now use cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle which generates returns well in excess of many other asset classes.

As with anything new and revolutionary, early entry is high risk so we stepped in lightly with a small capital investment and after monitoring, verifying and evaluating for a short period we concluded that the platforms we engaged provided robust security and vault storage whilst generating a significant return of 20% per month over the evaluation period.

Hence, apart from these benefits, we are enabled to:

- Invest in international markets effortlessly

- Transact in the currency of the country we invest in

- Use the investment for every day local transactions including Point of Sale and ATM cash withdrawals

- Reinvest profits into our direct gold holding platform

- Transmit payments to family and friends instantly in offshore locations

All of this outside of the financial markets and other bureaucratic over-regulated systems.

 Should you wish to investigate further:


Bitcoin Trading Platform – this is where you trade and mine Bitcoins:

- Use this link to Register:

- Email your Username to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the register.

- We will return to you a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial.

Important Rule: In South Africa, always transfer to/from the Trading Platform Account to/from the Visa Debit Card; never to/from the Bitcoin Market Account.


South Africa Bitcoin Market Account – this is where you buy your Bitcoins:

- Use this link to Register

- Use this code 6857F

- Fund your account – This is how

- Buy Bitcoin – This is how

Important Rule: In South Africa, always transfer to/from the Bitcoin Market Account account to/from the Visa Debit Card; never to/from your Trading Platform.

China Bitcoin Market Account – this is where you buy your Bitcoins – Use one or the other or both:

- Use this link to Signup


- Use this link to Signup

US$ Bitcoin Market Account – this is where you buy your Bitcoins:

- Use this link to Signup


Bitcoin Visa Debit Card – to spend your Bitcoin anywhere in the world:

- Use this link to Register

- Order your Visa Debit Card – This is how

Once you have funded your Bitcoin Market Account, you are ready to get going (no need to wait on your Visa Card).

Following this process will obviate the trials and errors we experienced.

We look forward to your participation in this ground-breaking paradigm shift in the global financial markets.

(Download FREE Bitcoin Calculator)

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