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JBCC 2000 Contract
The Joint Building Contracts Committee, "JBCC”, was formalised in 1997 with the registration of a Non Profit Company. The committee concentrates on the compilation of current contract documentation with an equitable distribution of contractual risk in the building industry. The suite is approved by the CIDB (The Construction Industry Development Board) and is used by national and provincial state sectors.
Regular revisions to the JBCC contract documentation suite ensure that documentation remains current.
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Johannesburg Interbank Agreed Rate (Jibar )
The Johannesburg Interbank Agreed Rate is a 3 month deposit rate. It is a South African money market rate which is determined by a number of local and international banks, and updated on a daily basis. This rate is published each day by 11h00 on Reuters on the SAFEX page.

Joint & Several Liability
If two or more people buy a property together and agree to be jointly and severally liable, they agree that each person will become liable for the repayment of the whole debt, and not just their portion of it. In other words, if two people are jointly and severally liable and one person defaults on the bond repayments, the other becomes responsible for the entire amount outstanding, not just his/her share.

JSE Securities Exchange South Africa.

Is a legal recording of an inability to honour a debt.

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