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Haylett Index
A measure of the movement of all input costs in the building industry, especially material and labour costs. Designed to recompense the building contractor for in-contract rises in input costs. Official designation: JBCC CPAP Haylett Formula (Work Group 180). Does not include profit margins for contractors.

Height Density
A zoning term referring to the regulation of maximum building heights for structures in given areas.

Highest & Best Use
Highest and best use

Historic or Trailing (Income) Yield
A bourse term, hence it is typically applied to listed properties. It represents the net income of year 0 divided by the current price/value. In a market of rising net incomes the historic yield would be expected to be lower than the forward yield.
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Homeowner's Association
An association of homeowners in a given area, formed for the purpose of improving or maintaining the quality of the area. Similar to a body corporate.

Homeowner's Assurance
Also called homeowner’s insurance or cover. Comprehensive insurance covering loss or damage to buildings, required by all banks on mortgaged properties and which is ceded to the bank as security against future damage to the property.

House Rules
Rules governing the control and management of the property in a Sectional Title development.

Household Contents Insurance
Insurance against loss or damage to the contents of a residence such as furniture, appliances, clothing, etc.

Hurdle Rate
The minimum total return (income yield plus expected capital appreciation) required by potential investors to induce them to invest in a property. Also known as the required rate. As such this is normally the correct rate to use when doing discounted cash flow (DCF) analyses. This is a similar concept to a company’s cost of capital, and it is not to be confused with the cost of money (say, overdraft interest rate). One way of measuring the total return on an investment, ex post or ex ante, is the internal rate of return (IRR) method.
Related Topic: Discount Rate.

Huur Gaat Voor Koop
A Dutch term which means ‘lease goes before sale’. Where leased premises are sold before the lease has expired, the tenant may in terms of the huur gaat voor koop rule occupy the premises until the lease expires. In the case of a long lease (i.e. a lease for a period of 10 years or longer), this applies only if the lease is in writing and registered against the title deed of the leased premises, or if the purchaser at the time of conclusion of the sale knew that the lease was a long lease.
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The right of security over movables. In the case of a lease, the lessor has a hypothec (right of security) over the lessee’s movable goods on the leased premises in order to secure payment of rent.

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