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"To Lead is to Serve!" - RC Allen


Commercial & Industrial Property:

Developments & Development Land:

Property Sales Tariff:
Dunbar Property Group's standard tariff for the sale of a residential property, vacant land or vacant commercial property is 5% of the sale price. The tariff for the sale of commercial property classified as a going concern (under lease agreements) payable on transfer is as follows:

  • 5% of the first R1 million of the sale price.
  • 3.5% of the second R1 million of the sale price.
  • 2.5 % of the balance of the sale price.

The aforementioned tariffs exclude VAT.


A sale & leaseback is an option for operating companies who own premises from which they operate to unlock capital for organic growth and expansion as well as shifting focus to their core business activity.

Property located in major metropolis, especially large industrial complexes, attract significant demand from investors seeking secure tenure on a medium to long term basis.

Dunbar Property Group assists operating companies wishing to enter into sale and leaseback transactions in determining market related rentals, escalations and terms of leases to achieve optimum value whilst retaining the appeal of investors.

Companies wishing to explore sale and leaseback options should contact Dunbar Property Group’s Chief Executive for discreet and professional assessments as well as access to top-end landlords who synergistically fit with the company’s long term strategy.


JV Introductions:
Dunbar Property Group facilitates the introduction of joint venture partners for transactions that show merit but require capital participation or balance sheet support to enable optimum debt facilities. Forms of participation include:

  • Equity
  • Loan Account
  • Mezzanine Capital, Senior Debt & Other Debt

Joint Venture Facilitation Tariff:
Dunbar Property Group's tariff varies on the nature and combination of participation:

  • Equity - 5% determined on the property value and the percentage equity stake taken
  • Loan Account - 3% determined on the quantum of the loan account injected into the transaction
  • Debt - 2.5% of all additional debt facilitated by the joint venture partner

The aforementioned tariffs exclude VAT.


Corporate Leasing:
The following reflects the tariff and general terms of business applicable in instances where Dunbar Property Group acts as agent in securing a tenant for a property on behalf of a Landlord.

Leasing tariff:
Monthly lease or lease of up to 12 months, a tariff payable to Dunbar Property Group equivalent to one month's gross rental. For leases of a duration exceeding 12 months, a tariff payable to Dunbar Property Group calculated as follows:

  • 5% on the first two years rental
  • 2.5% on the next three years rental
  • 1.5% on the next three years rental
  • 1% on the balance with a minimum of one month's rental

Unless otherwise agreed to by both the Landlord and Dunbar Property Group, the lease tariff shall be calculated on the gross monthly rental, including parking (but exclusive of VAT) as stipulated in the agreement between the parties and payable by the Lessee in terms thereof. The aforementioned tariffs exclude VAT.

Terms of Business
The full tariff shall become due and payable to Dunbar Property Group on signature of the lease by the parties thereto, (the tenant having fulfilled all its obligations to lodge deposits, post guarantees and pay any associated costs) or upon occupation of the property and or premises by the Lessee, whichever is the earlier.

In the event of the Lessee at the time of the lease, having the initial intention of taking additional accommodation in the same premises, on the same property or on any other property belonging to the same owner, such intention shall be included in the lease agreement and upon occupation of the additional premises, Dunbar Property Group shall be entitled to the Lease Tariff in respect of the additional premises.

The Landlord is required to satisfy itself as to the financial standing of the tenant and the Landlord's decision to enter into an agreement with the tenant is taken at the sole risk of the Landlord. Dunbar Property Group does not authorise any of its employees to in any way warrant the financial standing or ability of the Lessee to undertake any of its obligations in terms of the agreement of lease. There shall be no refund or rebating of tariff in the event of the tenant failing to meet its obligations in terms of the lease agreement.

There shall be no tariff payable on option periods, unless Dunbar Property Group is required by the Lessor to re-negotiate the lease terms.


Professional services and tariffs are negotiated with clients on a "project by project" basis. Our market related tariff proposals include details on the scope of works and terms of business applicable to the relevant client scenario.

Clients who require Dunbar Property Group to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance must specifically request the company to take the relevant cover on a "project by project basis".

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