Asset Management

Asset Management

Dunbar Property Group is the appointed Asset Manager for The Myrical Group, being responsible for acquisition, investment, operation, maintenance, upgrading and disposal of the group assets.

Financial Asset Management

We manage the Financial Investments which include Cryptocurrency Mining, a variety of Cryptocurrency Holdings and Real Estate Cash Flows. Activities include Acquisition, Revenue Collection and Allocation, Financial Recording, Financial Statements and Tax Returns.

Physical Asset Management

We manage the Physical Assets which include Real Estate Investments, Gold Bullion and Movable Assets (Motor Vehicles, Furniture & Equipment). Activities include Property R&M, Gold Bullion Storage, Asset Register Maintenance and Movable Asset R&M, Acquisition and Disposal.

Enterprise Asset Management

The Myrical Group operates with a variety of Trust Structures in a number of different Asset Classes, interlinked but with firewalls for protection of assets. We are responsible for setting up and maintaining the Trust Structures through professional Trust Providers to ensure the effective legal separation of assets and tax efficiency for the Beneficiaries.


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